Lean Consuming

Latest Progress

12.1.2024 klo 3.04
A team of Computer Science students from University of Helsinki/Faculty of Science will create an OpenAI recipe suggestion feature, which can offer tailored recipes for user's needs.
24.8.2023 klo 10.40
Kitsain was selected for the Nexus Deep Tech, AI, and Sustainability Incubator 2023 - 2024.
21.8.2023 klo 17.39
We are keen to form a sponsorship and marketing collaboration with corporations, organisations (including NGOs) which could support Open Innovation/Open Source code development of Kitsain features. Do contact Ville (ville at kitsain com) if supporting scalable food waste and climate change prevention work would fit into your organisation's brand targets.
21.7.2023 klo 12.17
Kitsain joins Microsoft for the Startups Founders Hub, which enables us to test recipes based on OpenAI ChatGPT as well as more wide-ranging ideas for food preparation from the ingredients at hand.
15.8.2023 klo 8.15
Kitsain joins Viikki VFDF Germinator to dive deeper in understanding changing consumer needs of food related consumption.
14.5.2023 klo 8.00
Aalto Industrial Management student group created a comphrensive Roadmap and GoTo-market plan proposal for Kitsain as their project work. During the work Aalto students co-operated with the project team from Tampere University creating the Kitsain MVP2.
4.2.2023 klo 18.25
A team of six students from Tampere University are developing Kitsain MVP2 in software engineering course.
18.11.2022 klo 9.05
30.3.2022 klo 17.53
We are searching for small grants, e.g. philanthropic, SDG, around 1000 ~ 5000 € / $ and/or (blended) impact financing to integrate our current open source Kitsain MVP to user's Google Calendar and Google Tasks. Click the blog post title for more details.
29.3.2022 klo 7.10
4.8.2021 klo 7.39
30.9.2020 klo 23.05
ICT student group from JAMK University of Applied Sciences chose Kitsain MVP as their 4 month project target. Find more info by clicking the blog post title.
4.9.2020 klo 21.43
Kitsain application for's recycling program 2020.
18.3.2020 klo 21.28
Flattening the CO(2)VID curve by making food preparing easier / 2020.
6.3.2019 klo 21.37
Kitsain applied's carbon reduction program 2019.
2.5.2018 klo 22.24
Call for Resource Waste Hackers at 2018
26.4.2018 klo 9.24
Kitsain team took part at InnoFrugal 2018 Conference