Kitsain - Lean Consuming

Day to Day Benefits

Have your shopping list up to date.

Check at the grocery store if you have the product already at home or when you have last bought that.

Sort your shopping list for optimal route through the hyper market and find that special ingredient for that ethnic food.

The app integrates with most of the messaging apps, e.g. WhatsApp.

Using Kitsain is free and you can use it as anonymous you want.

Naturally the Scope is not narrowed to food, but it has been the starting point for us. Kitsain covers same service benefits to all household products.

Money, Time and Logistics

Kitsain suggests cheapest and nearest shop or applicable online delivery service for your finished groceries at the moment. Best offer could be even along your way home.

Benefit from paid workers keeping product and price database up to date. Or take part in price information crowdsourcing to get to know best bargains from different retailers earlier than others.

Kitsain tells where to buy that special trendy product your friends are praising so much.

Reach the Planet Saver status, by updating info about discount prices for products, which's BBDs are approaching.

Cooking & Food Waste Prevention

Spotted a bargain product? See directly what other ingredients you need in preparing a meal from it - or do you have them already at home!

Kitsain suggests possible meals to prepare from ingredients already in your pantry, fridge or freezer. These recipes have realistic preparing time estimates and dynamic scaling to different portion sizes. Not to forget preparing technique tweaking hints.

Reminds about products best before dates and suggests meals from those, preventing food waste.

Educate your self with food and health knowledge by accurate food data, studies and news headline links related to the current product or meal in question.

Data Visualisation

Track your or your family's consumption habits and trends (cost, health, ecological fooDprint)

Who pays the salaries of the database updaters and what kind of technology we use

Contact Ville for information about that.

Business Logic
We advertise right on time, when the need for a new product or refill is needed. This is completely more advanced and more targetive advertising method than loyalty program ads, for example, which are based maybe in fancy AI but not in actual reality. Kitsain advertisers can be retailers or producers.

Who are the most willing and motivated to take part in price crowdsourcing according to our experience and insight

Students - Especially beer prices seems to be important for male students
Asylum seekers - Highly equipped with the technology Kitsain is all about. They are also widely networked through whole Europe via social media.

The Story
The Idea was moulded already back in 2001, as Ville made a working DINK-shopping list on WAP and bought a bar scode scanner at home and even started a research plan about it, in the University of Helsinki. However, mobiles at that time were not handy enough and fixed Internet connections were expensive. The idea was re-accelerated further at Univ. of Helsinki's Bioeconomy Bootcamp 2016, and the code & team has been continuously developed further after that.

As tech obstacles are now history, there is reasonable chance to penetrate in the households with this consept. Also the climate change is in the minds of parents and young people more than in 2000. We belive the Idea of Lean Consuming could spread via hacker etchis kind of approach. Meaning some or all of the architecture could be Open Source, to activate early adopters, hackers and enthusiasts.

Also, we might not want to join in with big corporations in retail, like with Walmart, as we don't want to reduce consumer's possibilities or competition between retailers. Actually, quite the opposite: Ultimately forming a movement in Social Media to tackle food waste and take some power back from the big retailer corporations who have power also to the producers. In later phases Kitsain will have marketing connection and API's straight to the producers as well, enabling Lean delivery and production for Local Food as well.

Ville Karinen / Consumer Economics & Household Technology Student / QA Specialist in Payment and ID-systems / Father of two sons / Enthuastic about enhancing household processes from different dimensions: time, money, environment, ethics

Thomas Moon / Forest Ecology Student / Developer / Thomas has over 10 years of devoloper experience, including UX, Full Stack Development, ecommerce systems.

Simo Kokko / Environmental Economist / Simo has some serious knowledge about commodities as his Master’s thesis title was S&P Goldman Sachs Commodity Index's Value in Portfolio Diversification and as a Hedge Against Inflation, not to forget his networks to Spain, LATAM, Japan and Australia, for example.

Name yet not Announced / Software Engineer and Multitalent, who is creative in artistic level, including creating audio, video, music, animation, games. He has also excellent OCR and test automation skills, which are at the core of our technology.